PTA has introduced Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) in order to identify and block the smuggled and unregistered mobile phones. However, PTA was failing, or seems to fail, in registering hundreds of thousands of mobile devices which have been legally brought into Pakistan. And to facilitate people, they have allowed the local Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) Franchises to register the mobile phones without the hassle of doing it online or at the airport.

PTA is already carrying out an extensive awareness campaign to educate masses on DIRBS. Moreover, PTA is sending informatory SMS to all mobile subscribers to notify the status of their mobile device(s) in use on Pakistani cellular mobile networks.

List of CMO Franchises which can register your mobile devices

List of all franchises & customer service centers is available at

Instructions on how to Register Mobile Devices

For all those people who have imported their mobile phones or they have received it as a gift from their relatives residing abroad, they need to register their phones from getting blocked. If you have not done it yet, or do not know how to do this, please refer to the following instructions.

  1. Dial *#06# from the dial pad of device and note down each 15-digit IMEI
  2. IMEI is printed on the device box.
  3. IMEI is printed on the inside of a device and can be viewed by removing the back cover/ battery.

DIRBS system will send one of the following four responses to IMEIquery as explained below:

Compliant/PTA Approved Device: The mobile device is PTA approved and legally imported into Pakistan
Device IMEI is Valid: The IMEI of this mobile device is valid as it is GSMA approved, but it is not PTA approved. To facilitate such users, PTA will auto register all such IMEIs which are observed on Network.
Non-compliant Devices: This is not a PTA approved mobile device as IMEI on the device is either non-standard, duplicated, etc. To ensure users of all such devices do not face any connectivity/service issues PTA will auto-pair all such IMEIs, which are observed on mobile network
Blocked devices: The IMEI is reported as stolen and not allowed for usage/services.

If you fail to register your device in time, your device will be blocked by PTA and you have to go through all of this process of registration again at your nearest CMO franchise to get it unblocked and registered.

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