PUBG Mobile is a very popular game. Its one of the most played mobile games these days, and almost everyone aware of mobile gaming has heard of it. Well, we all know that everything is copied from each other, with little differences. However, PUBG Mobile has done something very awkward.

Copying Weapon Skin from CS:GO?
The top mobile gun literally copied the Neon Revolution Skin from CS:GO and introduced it in PUBG: Mobile. They named it Psycho Savage and differentiated it from the CS skin by making it an M16A4.

PUBG: Mobile fans are definitely appreciating the overall design. However, those aware of CS Skins will definitely criticize them over this addition. Some players think that its unique and different to the Neon Revolution skin from CS:GO


CS:GO Fans in particular weren’t happy. A CS Player on Reddit commented “the PUBG developers saying “White, orange, blue, black. That colour combination looks terrible, not to mention the fact that they aren’t even fading into each other or anything”

“Wow that’s a real skin? They aren’t even trying anymore. That’s about as amateur as it gets.”

Not exactly a copy?
Well, I am not sure if this is 100% exact copy, however, most of the things are similar. One could debate that copying color schemes is not a crime. Secondly, the pattern also looks a bit similar, so I guess it is a 70% copy from the CS:GO Skin. Nontheless, the skin looks a bit bad in PUBG. I expected it to look as good like Neon Revolution

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