PUBG has shown up with their new Season 5 update. The Season has some game-changing features. Some features are similar to that of Fortnite. There are dozens of features added, additionally, a lot of bugs are fixed as well.

Let’s take a look at the features of Season 5. PUBG has added Spike Trap, players can now block roads with a spike trap. This addition can change a lot on the competitive side where huge advantage can be taken of this. Secondly, the Winchester 94 will now have an irremovable 2.7x Scope.

The gun is still exclusive of other maps, except Miramar. Throwable items are now part of the game, players can throw Ammo, Med Kits, and bandages to their teammates. The throwable items cannot be thrown any further than 15m. However, the item will still land on the ground and anyone can pick it up.

Throwable melee weapon is now a thing. Players can throw melee weapons which can cause damage to opponents. The damage will decrease on how far the item is thrown. Apart from this, Vendor Machines are something that has surprised me. This is literally a very cool feature because it’ll allow players to refill their backpacks. The machine will have random stuff that could be withdrawn by the players.

Bluehole also took initiatives for the Zombie mode, which was kinda dead in my opinion. PUBG has tweaked some advancement in Zombie modes. There are now three different Zombie modes that can be played on the Custom Servers.

The Zombie Elimination or the basic version will feature one team that will try to eliminate all zombies on the map. If one of the humans is killed, they will turn into a zombie after some time.

The second mode is the Zombie Survival mode. In Zombie Survival mode, Humans will be given a time during which they have to survive. If the timer goes off, and players survive, they will win the game. Humans will be easily infected when attacked by Zombies.

The last mode is called Zombie Battle Royale. It is the same as the normal public Battle Royale mode. The settings of the mode will be that the last person to survive will win. Additionally, it’ll have the same settings as the public mode. Any player who has been infected by Zombie will become a Zombie in some time. Furthermore, Dead Zombies won’t re spawn

Bluehole has also featured numerous PUBG Global Championship banners in the Game. The tournament is set to start in late November. There are numerous decals and billboards in Miramar that advertise the tournament.

The Update is live on Test Servers, afterward, Bluehole will collect Reviews from players and launch the live version. There is no specific date stated by Bluehole about the live version, thus keep waiting. You can view the changes in a brief list here.