Player Unknown’s battleground season 6 is about to start with a blast. There is a huge number of things being added. Firstly, let’s start off with Karakin, which is the latest map. It is a 2×2 km small island off the coast of North Africa. The map features rough terrain, with huge numbers of Rocks, that could save you with cover. It is quite open actually, Karakin has the aggressiveness of Sanhok, and openness of Miramar.

Since the map is small like Sanhok, it’ll only feature 64 players, thus there is addition of Black Zone, which could change everything.

The Black zone is upgraded version of Red Zone, and it can literally destroy any building. Note that it is Karakin only addition.

  • The Black Zone is designed to push players out of the safety of a building.
  • The hazard is random: towns and compounds can be undamaged, totally flattened, and everything in between.
  • The mix of buildings and ruins evolves in real time throughout the match: Meaning don’t always expect that building you run to for cover to be there late in the match.
  • Remember, if you hear the siren, and you are inside that purple circle on the minimap- evacuate!
  • Buildings destroyed by the Black Zone will be marked with X on the minimap.

Furthermore, the Sticky bomb is now added to Throwables Category. These sticky bombs can also destroy the gates and walls for some unique places.

  • Certain walls and floors have breach points which can be destroyed with Sticky Bombs
  • This feature presents more tools for our players: For campers, it allows more sight lines/windows to be created
  • For squads going on the offensive however, there are new options for storming buildings- “Do we blast in through the back of the building, or through the roof- maybe both?” the choice is yours!
  • And for explorers, we’ve hidden many secret areas for those players with a spare Sticky Bomb or two, and a keen nose for loot

Apart from this, Tencent has also added Bullet penetration through walls just like CS-GO. Furthermore, a FarCry Esque Motor Glider, which can fly, and not give up in mid-air is also added.

  • Motor Glider is available on Erangel and Miramar
    • 10 Motor Gliders will spawn across the map each game, across 40 potential locations.
  • Motor Glider has two seats; one for pilot and one for passenger who can shoot and use any weapon from the backseat
  • To takeoff, you must gain the necessary speed of 65 km/h then pitch up with the S key
    • You’ll start to take off automatically once you hit 70 km/h
  • Motor Glider’s fuel consumption rate is tied to the engine speed – the more throttle you apply, the faster you will run out of gas
  • Motor Glider will be spawned without gas. Fuel up before starting the engine.
  • There’s no maximum altitude you can reach, the sky is the limit! But engine will start losing power the higher the altitude you are at
  • Controls:
    • Use W/S keys to control the pitch and A/D to control the roll of the aircraft
    • Adjust the throttle by holding Left Shift and Left Ctrl keys
    • Hold Spacebar when on the ground to engage handbrake

Apart from these major changes, a new survivor pass called Shadowdown is also added. You can read about all these major and minor tweaks here.

Additionally, PUBG also removed Vikendi from Public matchmaking. According to the developers, they were curious if the addition of the fifth map could damage matchmaking or not, thus they will be rotating and replacing other maps with Karakin. “The goal is to provide stable matchmaking times while keeping map choice fresh. For our first rotation, Vikendi will rotate out to make room for Karakin. Maps that are rotated out will still be available for play in custom games”.

All these additions are just awesome for all PUBG players. Furthermore, the devs say that they are considering suggestions and feedback from players regarding the Performance, spawn balance, and buildings. These things will be improved, and Vikendi is getting a revamp.

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