The PUBG community is totally unhappy with the current problems game is facing. There are crashes, timeouts, bugs, cheating, and low fps sorts of issues. Thousands of players on PUBG subreddit & forum are criticisng the PUBG corp for such management.

PUBG Corp has come forward and responded to the issue. They have acknowledged most of the issues and found solutions. In a blog post on Steam, they wrote that Arcade – Team Deathmatch issue is mostly solved. Other issues like Poor Performance is being investigated. They also mentioned DDoS Attacks on their game servers. PUBG Corp wrote that, when game servers face DDoS, players lose connection or face ping/network lag. They also mentioned, that DDoS attacks have increased to a level, they did not expect.


“As many online games are forced to deal with from time to time, our servers have been the target of intermittent DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. When a game server is under attack by DDoS attacks, all players who are in the server almost certainly face connection issues such as network delays, a significant ping increase, and severe packet loss. Unfortunately, our servers have been increasingly targeted for these attacks. Last November, the intensity of the attacks increased to a level we hadn’t experienced before, which increased again in February”.

“While testing various DDoS defense solutions from external infrastructure providers, server locations were often located far away from standard locations, which resulted in increased ping and other network issues for some players. Additionally, many players have suffered constant packet loss issues due to the experimental DDoS defense solutions deployed by these providers. We know that we could have been much more open in communicating these reasons with you, but did not want to contaminate tests and results by letting the attackers know we were doing this testing. Regardless, our sincere apologies to players who experienced ongoing connectivity issues during this time.”


PUBG is working with various server infrastructure providers, that can analyse the issue and form better protection. Furthermore, PUBG developers have introduced a short solution for DDoS attacks, that have reduced it by 85%. They also said, that DDoS attack is a serious crime, and action will be taken against such people.

Custom Match issue.
Players are unable to create a custom match, and when created, they face many bugs. The blog has also acknowledged to this issue. According to their investigation, it is being caused by a feature, that was meant to improve custom match in the last patch. The issue is being solved, and it can take time to fix it entirely.

“We’ve taken action to resolve existing saved presets, but it will take time to fix this issue entirely. The good news is that saving and loading new presets now works correctly. Our apologies for those affected by this issue”.


“Unrelated to custom matches, we’ve resolved other recent issues such as player stats not being applied properly, inability to create FACEIT matches, and players falling through the ground at a specific location on Karakin”.

Lastly, PUBG requires patience from its players. They are also aware of other issues, which are being investigated. The company focuses on being clear with their players, by addressing all issues publicly. In the coming weeks, most of the issues will be solved.

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