The Coronavirus pandemic has forced most of the events, tournaments, and announcements to be either cancelled or delayed. We heard about E3 being cancelled for the first time in 25 years. Similarly, BlizzCon along Overwatch matches were also cancelled. CS:GO Major which is a very anticipated tournament for the fans was also cancelled.

PUBG Corp also cancelled their PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Global Series tournament in Berlin. This might have caused a lot of organisations a hefty loss, because they are highly dependent on these tournaments.

PUBG Corp to pay $20,000 to each Team

PUBG Corp says that they will provide $20,000 USD to each team that qualified. More than 21 teams were readily available at qualifiers place, however, the tournament got delayed and cancelled. This is why PUBG has stepped up, and re-pay them for their inconveniences.

The creator of PUBG thinks its future is in e-sports - The Verge

Similarly, the PUBG Berlin Global Series was canceled, but they have an alternative tournament, the PUBG Continental Series. This will be held in May, June, and August featuring a multi-region Online competition.

At the moment, PUBG Corp says the prize pool is $2.4 million across four regions. Furthermore, this prize pool will be shared across four regions. Hence, $100,00 will be shared given in each region, and the extra $100,00 would go to charity funds, on the team’s choice. The prize pool will also be increased in August, and $200,00 will be given in each region.

This is an excellent initiative by PUBG because esports is heavily down this year. COVID-19 has forced everything to be literally closed, this has caused huge loss to organizations around the world. Non the less, many tournaments are now happening online, so there is one alternative. Hopefully, we will get to see more of Esports when the pandemic is over.

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