Last month PUBG Corp introduced their new map called Karain, which featured similar playstyle to the shock. It was relatively small comparing other maps, and only 64 players could play on that map. PUBG also announced that they will be removing Vikendi because it needs a lot of updates. They further recalled that it’ll return with massive changes on Test servers this Thursday.

Today, PUBG confirmed it on Twitter that the map is set to return on Test Servers. Additionally, the map won’t replace any current maps in the game, also a few screenshots from the updates were shown, which featured a moving train.

The test servers will be up and running on Thursday at 11pm – Sunday 11pm PST. Furthermore, the return of Vikendi will also promote current content creators, who will host custom games, and players can join them. Apart from this, PUBG has not released any notes on the changes, but there were few leaks. The leak included less snow, Moving Trains, much bigger Dino Park, and the return of Volnova.

You can join the test servers on the weekend, and leave feedback for PUBG. They always take feedback from Test players very positively. PUBG also showed their plans to make the games better, and their openness to all sorts of issues.

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