The Quick Charge fast charging technology of Qualcomm was confined to wired technology until now, but a brand new wireless power standard has been announced by the company now. Claiming that upon meeting specified standards, the Quick Charge technology introduced for wireless power will enable the charging pads to speed up the charging process, Qualcomm announced its new technology at the MWC 2019. According to Qualcomm, the charging pads will provide the delivery of electricity at a quick pace all the while following a safety conscious and consistent manner, this will be possible with the help of Quick Charge Support. It has already been confirmed by Xiaomi that soon to come Mi Wireless charging pad will be launched with Quick Charge support.

Wireless charging
Credit: Digital Trends

According to Qualcomm, the past has witnessed the introduction of wireless charging products which claim Quick Charge support despite the fact that they haven’t passed the Quick Charge compliance process which is required. In response to these issues and in order to include wireless charging pads, the Quick Charge compliance program has been expanded by the company. In order to ensure interoperability, there has been an extension in the compliance program. Moreover, the standards of both Qi wireless charging and Quick Charge have been met by charging pad manufacturers.

In its blog, Qualcomm states:

“Wireless charging pads powered by Quick Charge will work with the same Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4 and 4+ adapters that millions of users already have at home, work, and elsewhere.”

According to Qualcomm, the first company to deploy wireless power pad compied by Quick Charge will be Xiaomi, and it is to happen in the near future.

Xiaomi’s lead of wireless charging, Yanteng Wang quoted:

“We are excited to introduce Quick Charge protocol for wireless power in Mi Wireless Charging Pad, complementing our existing line-up of Quick Charge technology-certified wall and battery chargers, and providing our loyal customers the lowest charge times and maximum power efficiency possible across their charging options.”

It is an appropriate time at which the Quick Charge support of Qualcomm for Qi-based products is being introduced as wireless charging is becoming a norm and THE thing of the age.

We may witness a change in dynamics and see getting wireless charging even more mainstream very soon.

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