The second special operations mission for Ghost Recon Wildlands is featuring Rainbow Six Siege. We got a small peek at what the next mission will contain in the new trailer. We have now learned more about the special operations 2, that it will indeed have new content that will feature some of Siege’s Operators. The full reveal will be on July 23.

The trailer shows very little information about what will come with the Badge Special Operations 2 mission but it does show us that what it might center around. There were multiple different badges from the Ghost Recon Wildlands that were shown in the trailer and at the ending there was one badge that centered around Rainbow Six Siege.



We saw the world of Splinter Cell entering the world of Ghost Recon Wildlands in the first crossover event. The update was released earlier this year which allowed the players to interact with the series legend Sam Fisher among some other things.

Currently, e don’t know whether the Badge will be included with the previously revealed special operations 2 update. Releasing on July 24, this new update will continue the momentum from the first one. There is a new Ghost War update, a new theme and PvE experiences, and a brand-new permadeath multiplayer game mode called the Ghost Mode.

Stay tuned for more!