In the past, we have seen Ubisoft taking hackers to court, Blackberry filing lawsuit against Facebook, and Rambler Group suing Twitch. Today, another lawsuit has been filed by Ubisoft against the owners of a website, which were responsible for the Distributed Deniel-Of-Service (DDoS) attack on Rainbow Six Siege servers.

These DDoS attacks in Rainbow Six Siege have been a huge problem for Ubisoft in the past year. Ubisoft tried to stop these attacks, by creating a multi pronged plan. However, it did not end up well, players faced Lag and constant crashes. Furthermore, Ubisoft faced a lot of criticism from players over the change, because of issues. Well, the performance did drop, but DDoS attacks were reduced significantly, which was a good thing. In a report, Ubisoft said it saw a 93% drop in the frequency of attacks after this plan was implemented.

Ubisoft is now trying the other way to stop this mess. They have taken a step against some specific people, that Ubisoft says are responsible for these attacks. Furthermore, Ubisoft also claims that the owners are aware of the harm their services are creating. This was supported by a piece of evidence, when one of the attackers shared a tweet mocking Ubisoft saying “Good Job”

The defendants, which allegedly operate a website called SNG.ONE, sell subscriptions for up to $299.85 for “lifetime” access to the server, according to the lawsuit; a monthly subscription costs around $30. A screenshot from the complaint showed FortniteFIFA 20, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 as potential targets, too.

A lawsuit has been filed in LA on January 16, and Ubisoft wants the court to shut down these websites. Additionally, the culprits pretended a drama in which they wrote that Ubisoft and Microsoft have taken over their website. The attackers further claimed that this was done by them, and said Ubisoft has a problem. Well, this Lawsuit will hopefully go in favour of Ubisoft because everybody wants to Play Rainbow Six Siege without any lags. Furthermore, these people who are trying to annoy Ubisoft for no reason will also face charges that could be huge.

Source : Polygon

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