Ubisoft is taking a major cheat selling website called MizuSoft to court. Mizusoft is owned by J.V.L, they sell Rainbow Six: Siege cheats. The cheats are very premium, they cost $13 per day and $77 a month.
According to MizuSoft, these cheats are kept updated with the latest patches, and they are undetectable if used carefully. Ubisoft has banned a lot of players in the past few months, most were cheaters using cheats from this specific website.

The Lawsuit was filed on 23 October in California, on the basis of “Creating, selling, distributing, maintaining, servicing, supporting cheats on Rainbow Six Siege. According to the report, Ubisoft states that the site owner J.V.L withdraws money through his mother’s web firm called Simply San Webdesign. The payment option is linked to her mother’s firm. Ubisoft said that she’s “responsible for collecting, processing, and transmitting” payments made from the cheating software.

The company has made thousands of dollars in profit, and they keep increasing. Ubisoft now demands to the court that a minimum of $25000 per violation should be paid. Additionally, they also want the website to be shut down immediately.

This is what Ubisoft had to say about MizuSoft and J.V.L

Defendants’ conduct has caused and is continuing to cause, massiveand irreparable harm to Ubisoft and its business interests. Ubisoft’s businessdepends upon its games being enjoyable and fair for all players, and Ubisoftspends an enormous amount of time and money to ensure that this is the case. TheCheating Software destroys the integrity of R6S, thereby alienating and frustratinglegitimate players. Defendants’ sale and distribution of the Cheating Software,especially in the United States, has caused severe harm to Ubisoft, includingirreparable damage to its goodwill and reputation. Defendants are well aware ofthe harm that the Cheating Software causes to Ubisoft. In fact, Defendant J.V.LIn fact, Defendant J.V.L. recently bragged to the media that his Cheating Software ruins R6S for other players. He also readily admitted that if he were to be sued by Ubisoft he would have a “tough time” defending his conduct.

You can read the whole file in detail here