Popular Spanish Crime Drama series La Casa De Papel or Money Heist has made its appearance on Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft partnered with Netflix for its all-new event based on the event.

According to the event, you will have to rescue a hostage which will be dressed in a Red outfit with Dali Mask. The Hostage will be held by Defenders in the game’s bank map. Attackers and Defenders will fight over the hostage and the winner will be decided by the given mission.

The hostage will have a Red Iconic dress, however, Hibana and Vigil will also have same clothes. The event will also bring new bundles for players. A new four-item set for both Hibana and Virgil will be available in the shop during event, afterward, it’ll be there for a year. The Hibana Heist Bundle contains Red Jumpsuit uniform, Tokyo Charm, Emboldened headgear and Regal Mint weapon skin for Type-89. Meanwhile, Vigil Bundle will contain Red Jumpsuit Uniform, Nameless headgear, The Surrealist charm, and Fresh paper weapon skin for K1A.

The Money heist event, however, is not a proper money heist event. I know it sounds confusing, but yeah the event does not have any money involved. It could have been interesting if there was a bag of money instead of hostage, and attacks had to fight the bank (defenders) and grab the money. This way, it could have been more fun, but yeah the event already has tons of exciting stuff. Enjoy new event and bundles!