Rainbow Six Siege has an upcoming patch next week that will nerf Caveira. Caveira is overpowered and a pain for the attackers because her sidearm Luison can one-shot an enemy. However, the upcoming patch notes include dropping damage of Luison from 99 to 65 with increased recoil and adjusted fall-off damage. But, to compensate for this nerf they also made her SPSMG9 a fully automatic SMG instead of a burst weapon. They also increased the clip size and the damage of her SMG from 30 to 33.

Players whose main defending operator is Caveira won’t be pleased with this patch. However, she isn’t wholly useless yet as she can now two-shot an enemy instead of one, but it will be much more challenging to use Caveira. The patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege included other small bug fixes that are needless to say.

Source: PCGamesN

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