Ubisoft has received dozens of complaints regarding bullet penetration and hit registration. Well, this issue has been finally taken into consideration and a new bullet penetration system is here.

According to a blog post, Ubisoft will change bullet penetration on character models in Y4S4. The new bullet penetration system will reduce the inaccuracy after bullet has hit the target. Furthermore, the new system is highly dependent on the type of gun used and here is a reference picture, which will show the penetration level.

Previously, every bullet could not travel further after it had hit any player’s body. However, in the new system, the bullet will penetrate through body parts to another part. This means, that if your player hands are raised during flashbang, and enemy shoots on hand, the bullet will penetrate through hand and hit your head. The damage will be calculated through the amount of hit on the body. A case like this means that it was a headshot no matter what part it hit first. This is the case with Simple penetration. Furthermore, in simple penetration, the shot will not further go through a person to another operator. The bullet won’t travel any further after it has completely hit its primary target.

The second addition is full penetration, which will happen with Designated Marksman Rifles & Sniper Rifles. In this case, the bullet will hit the primary target and travel further to the person or body behind it. The second target will receive a damage of 70% from the initial damage. The guns are mostly marksmen, thus bullet will go straight and won’t change direction.

Ubisoft also described their new Damage Modifier and Armour Rating, take a look at it.


Under the Simple Penetration system mentioned above, the body part with the highest modifier will be considered when determining damage when multiple parts are hit.

Hands/Arms: 0.75 (1 and 2 armor) and 0.65 (3 armor)
Groin/Lower Torso/Upper Torso: 1.0
Legs: 0.75 (1 and 2 armor) and 0.65 (3 armor).
Neck and Head: 50.0


Since an operator’s Armor also affects the amount of damage taken, below is a breakdown of the 3 different Armor Ratings and how much of the initial damage a limb will actually take.  

1 Armor: 1.0 (full damage)
2 Armor: 0.9 (10% lower)
3 Armor: 0.8 (20% lower)