Razer’s new Nari Ultimate wireless headset has taken the whole headset market by storm. The gaming headset features the “HyperSense” haptic technology that has been developed by Razer to provide tactile feedback according to the audio signals.

The headset also features the THX Spatial Audio that was first introduced to gamers in their latest Kraken Tournament Edition release.


Is HyperSense any good?

HyperSense is possibly a feature from the future. Getting haptic feedback according to the audio signals that your headset receives is a unique innovation. Although this is something that may need some more fine-tuning. However, it is still something to look forward to and is possibly the biggest selling point for the Razer Nari Ultimate. HyperSense does truly improve in-game immersion but it is something that would be rather confusing when there are too many audio cues in games that offer multiplayer and much more chaos. HyperSense is still in its initial stages of development and Razer’s first attempt at haptic feedback in the gaming headset department, which means that designing a foolproof headset may prove to be a challenge as of now. The Razer Nari Ultimate gets a little too hot providing the haptic feedback causing a little discomfort in longer gaming sessions. For people that are wanting to experience true immersion while being casual gamers the Razer Nari Ultimate is definitely a great purchase coming in at a USD 200 price point. However, gamers would be better off to opt for the Kraken tournament Edition that are looking to play for longer gaming sessions and multiplayer games.

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