The primary render of the expected Razer Phone 2 has been leaked by Evan Blass, and it implies that Razer is going with a very similar design for the follow-up to its debut smartphone. Outside of a relocated camera and a Razer logo that now radiates with the company’s signature lucid green, the device looks almost similar to its predecessor, with the same stocky frame and front-facing speakers.

That is either a good or bad thing, depending on what you thought about Razer’s first attempt. While the phone made headlines for being the first to include a high refresh rate 120Hz screen (compared to the 60Hz panels noticed in most smartphones), it packaged this inside an “awkward” housing with mediocre battery life and an even worse camera.

Image by Evan Blass

Razer hasn’t been humble about its plan to release a follow-up device, but it’s difficult to know how many of these issues it will have time to fix, considering it’s been less than a year since the Razer Phone launched. At least adjusting the location of the camera shows the company is doing something with it, even if we don’t know quite what the effect on its photo quality will be.

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