Xbox One mouse and keyboardRazer has recently revealed a mouse and keyboard combo for the Xbox One which is currently in development. Now, if you had told anyone a while ago of connecting a keyboard and mouse to a console, they would call you a delusional person. But, Razer is going to turn this dream into a reality. However, it doesn’t come at a low price it has a sticker price of $249. You could buy an Xbox One S for that price, but it does provide console players more versatility and freedom. As for now, you can play a limited variety of games such as Minecraft, Warframe, and Fortnite but they will be making the mouse compatible with more games throughout 2019. It will be compatible for Windows 10 as well. The release date is set somewhere in March.

Moving on, let’s get into the specifications of the mouse and keyboard.

Razer Mouse:

The mouse comes with Razer 5G advanced optical sensor, and you can set the DPI as high as 16,000. It is wireless so you can run the mouse for about 50 hours with the lighting disabled and 30 hours with the lighting enabled. The mouse also includes seven programmable buttons and 1000hz Ultrapolling rate for the smoothest movement. It comes with the Razer Synapse 3 enabled. Razer made the mouse fully RGB.

Razer Keyboard:

It’s an RGB mechanic keyboard that comes with 16.8 million color options. On wireless, it can run for 11 hours with lighting enabled and 43 hours with disabled lighting on a single charge. The keyboard comes with a wrist rest, but it isn’t padded. You can press multiple keys, and they will all work because of the anti-ghosting plus the keys are fully programmable. With Xbox Dynamic lighting it can sync with your games making it more immersive.


The mouse and keyboard combo for the Xbox One shows a lot of promise, and we are all excited for it. The only thing that we can complain about right now is the big price tag. Overall, the product seems cool and useful. Hopefully, it will be as good as it appears, but Razer always delivers.

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