Razer has always tried to venture into parts of the tech industry that is related to gamers in any way possible. And with these ventures, we find Razer once again coming up with an interesting product, the Razer Sila, a gaming router developed keeping in mind the needs of a gamer.

Razer aims to have gamers with a stable connection for gaming not only using an ethernet port but also using a WiFi connection. Razer’s FasTrack QoS system helps prioritise how your internet traffic is used and can help classify your bandwidth for gaming and other household activities without any compromise on performance for your gaming needs.

Razer has always made sure that their products have an amazing aesthetic appeal that not many other companies can match. For the very reason in mind, Razer has made sure that their router has nine internal antennas that set up the design minimalistic and sleek. One router can cover an area up to 3,000 square feet and multiple routers can be used to create a mesh network covering an even larger area.

The Router has an interesting set of features and is definitely a really nice addition to a setup where there is a lot of cluster in the household network. The router is easy to setup using a mobile application developed especially for the Razer Sila and although it is not the first of its kind it sure is one of the best looking routers which happens to be insanely fast and optimized for gamers. So if you have an extra $250 USD lying around the Razer Sila would be an excellent purchase for your networking needs.

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