Razer recently launched Razer SoftMiner, a program that is run in the background when your PC is idle and in return for the computing power that goes into running the application you receive Razer Silver – which can be redeemed to purchase items from the Razer store.

Razer Silver

According to Razer, you can earn up to 500 Razer Silver in a day. By those figures, it will take one to earn a $5 Razer gift card in 3 days which costs 1500 Silver and a Razer DeathAdder Essential roughly about 100 days of mining which costs 51000 Silver.

One of the most sought-after Razer products, the Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard costs 280000 Silver which can be earned over a span of 500 days or more. Since Razer says that the Razer Silver you “mine” is only valid for 12 months a person can question whether this program is even worth investing your computing power for minimal rewards.

Although the Razer Silver program is not the first of its kind it still is a long shot from being perfect. If you have a PC that is underutilized or is idle for most of the time then it is not a bad idea to try out the program for some entry-level Razer gear. However, if you are looking to bag one of the higher-end Razer products using the program it probably is not worth it.

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