Whenever I’m thinking about gaming components, Razer comes into my mind and this time around, Razer has released a new keyboard which is meant for both the desk and the gaming. This keyboard has office looks and uses the Razer’s orange switches, the Razer’s orange switch is meant to be tactile while maintaining a relatively low sound and in case the keys still aren’t pretty quiet for your refinements, the keyboard also ships with o-rings for each keys to dampen the sound even further.  This work-like keyboard carries an excellent typing action into a surprisingly light and compact structure.


If you are planning to game with the BlackWidow Lite, you will be satisfied when you know it has an anti-ghosting technology and provides a ten-key rollover. It can deliver up to 1000 reports per second, which means it would register your keystrokes faster even in the fast FPS/MOBA games. The keys are completely programmable with macros, there’s also a gaming mode which disables the windows key and alt+tab so you don’t accidentally switch out of your game.


However, there is no RGB lightning present in the Blackwidow lite. The keyboard has a black exterior along with white LED backlighting, and despite the limitation of the only white backlight, it still works with Razer’s Synapse 3 for specific light patterns. It also features an amazing build quality along with a matte aluminum top and a detachable micro-USB braided cable.


The Razer BlackWidow Lite is available to buy now from Razer’s online store for $90.

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