The Red Dead Redemption 2 has the largest map yet rockstar has to offer. It’s safe to assume that there are still many players who haven’t explore the whole Red Dead Redemption 2 map yet. With its spontaneous mechanics that have been reasonably reliable for most, it’s also okay to say there are numerous glitches and bugs that have taken place since the launch. Talking of which, multiple people have reported a glitch that possibly allows them to visit an area from the first Red Dead Redemption game.


A user on Reddit, known as “Coyotemation” posted to the game’s official subreddit that somehow he glitched into Mexico in Red Dead Dead Redemption 2. He even had screenshot proofs to prove it. Below are some of the screenshots.

I glitched my way into Mexico in Red Dead Redemption 2 and went exploring.

According to “Coyotemation”. Mexico terrain was exact 1:1 copy as of the first Red Dead Redemption game ported over from 2010 game, it also looks like there is no new work done to the environment. But there are graphical improvements in the terrain, thanks to the more powerful hardware on the Xbox One and PS4.

But of course, there’s a chance that it could be fake or doctored in some way. Since there are no photos that show the protagonist Arthur Morgan. There is no authentic evidence that the Mexico assets are really from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Mexico in the first Red Dead Redemption game

How to try the glitch :

According to him, the glitch into Red Dead Redemption 2 Mexico landscape happened in the far west of the map near “Sea of Coronado” in New Austin. People who are contemplating to visit the area can try glitching into the area by themselves should locate it near to a projection of land next to the “na” in “Coronado”. Nearby, there is a creek that flows, with players able to intersect the creek into that river. Follow it until two landmasses meet at the thinnest point and the bug supposably tenants there.

Sea of Coronado | Red Dead Redemption

Some people also think that maybe the assets are there because it’s coming in future DLC or maybe Red Dead Redemption Online. Many people are keeping their fingers closed for the official Mexico DLC content, all we can do at the moment is to wait to see if it actually comes to play. For now, players have enough content and gameplay available at the moment. After all, Rockstar included plenty of missions to play around for quite a while.

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