After the successful launch of OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro, it is being called as always the “Flagship Killer”. But we are skeptical if at a price of $750 for OnePlus 7 Pro, is it really a flagship killer now? Extreme performance with a reasonable price was the thing OnePlus was always loved for, but now OnePlus 7 Pro is the real deal, but the price is just not that affordable at all.

Redmi just confirmed their new coming smartphone and they are already calling it a “Flagship Killer 2.0”. The self-proclaimed Flagship Killer 2.0 will feature the Snapdragon 855 and a 48MP camera without breaking the bank. We also got to learn that the internal name of the device is the “Demon King“.

Proposed design of Flagship Killer 2.0

In the meantime, Xiaomi’s VP Manu Jain decided to congratulate OnePlus on the launch of their new OnePlus 7 Pro flagship and went further on to explain how the “flagship killer” mentality associated with OnePlus devices has all but disappeared, leaving Redmi to take its place. Pop up selfie camera, high resolution images and fast charging with powerful processor & RAM. What else does a flagship has!

Manu said,

“ They are choosing to “Never Settle” when it comes to pricing. At Xiaomi, we’ve believed in making innovation accessible to everyone by developing such Flagship Killers. As you will see again soon.”

2014 was the year till 2018 when OnePlus was the deal breaker for most flagships packing hardcore hardware under the hood with low price tags. But in 2019, with its latest OnePlus 7 Pro starting at $670, the company is now competing with the more established premium brands and Redmi is looking to fill the void with its own line of high spec’d devices with lower price tags.

We are eager to see how Redmi’s Flagship killer 2.0 hits the market.

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