After a year of anticipation, RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone is nearly here. Verizon and AT&T advertised today that they’ll commence selling the phone this Friday, November 2nd, for $1,295(USD). Both are giving it on monthly payment plans as well, of course: Verizon will allow a 24-month plan, and AT&T will allow a 30-month plan.

At $1,295, the phone is $100 more costly than it was for customers who accepted to preorder it sight unseen last summer when it was primarily announced. At the time, RED CEO Jim Jannard told that the cheaper pricing wouldn’t be guaranteed for people who didn’t preorder, so quick adopters did end up getting a little discount.

The Hydrogen One was originally assumed to launch in early 2018, but it was pushed behind multiple times. Because of those delays, it’ll arrive with a Snapdragon 835 chip — the processor observed in all of last year’s flagships — rather than the Snapdragon 845 seen in phones like the Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9.

But specs aren’t really the tale here. The great innovation is the Hydrogen One’s much-hyped “holographic” screen, which some have been able to see before now. It’s is also proficient of recording in a 3D format that’s specific to this phone’s screen.

There have been news about the phone that it did not live up to the hype. And with its $1,295 price tag, everyone speculates it’ll have a very hard time competing with the iPhone XS and just about everything else.