Before PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO was the goto reality escape game for most FPS gamers.  However, the increasing numbers of hackers and smurfs and griefers in the game is setting a bad image for the game. Right now in almost every other match, you either come across an aimbotter or a waller which takes away the fun from the game and also business away from the developers.

And CS: GO developers seems to have just the perfect idea to once more gain the interest of the masses by introducing a "refined version" of everyone's all-time favorite map, De_Dust_2.

Early this year, the map was removed from the active duty pool and hasn't been played in major tournaments, however, De_Dust_2 is still one of the go-to maps for more competitive and casual players. And having spent hundreds of hours on this map myself, I can't wait to have a competitive match in the new map.

So far we don't have any details about the map or the changes it will bring other than it will be a "refined version" and that it will first be available in the CS: GO's next beta update before it makes it's way to the game. Right now, all we have is a picture posted by csgo_dev on twitter. 

This is a very clever move to gain the interest of the masses who have shifted towards other games because of the hackers in the game. But what the community would love more than ever is a better VAC system, as there's no greater joy than seeing the message during a competitive match that says "Player has been permanently banned from official CS: GO servers".