Developed by Vox Games and published by Poysky Productions, Region of Ruin is free on Steam till April 7. The game features a 2D pixel RPG adventurous sort of story. You go along a side-scrolling straight path, where you will meet dangers and challenges.

“You will discover a foreboding land ravaged by hundreds of years of hardship. Where kingdoms have risen and fallen, settlements have been laid to waste and overrun by warring groups, and great mysteries lay hidden and waiting to be unearthed – assuming you can defeat their jealous guardians”.

Region of Ruin

The game has exotic atmosphere with variety of epic weather. Similarly, there is excellent fighting mechanics, it is similar to that of Mortal Kombat. Players can learn different sorts of combos, that are used in a very fast pace. Regions of Ruins has Very Positive Steam reviews, and it features a rating of 10/9. I’m sure this game is worthwhile if you just want time to get passed.
Region of Ruin

Completely Free!
The game is completely free, all you have to do is go to Steam and add it to your library. Afterward, it is yours to keep forever. The same game developers are also offering a 20% discount on Meeple Station + Regions of Ruin bundle. Here is the link.

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