Along with offering a wide range of new features the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10 will support Gear VR as well, this implies that in order to use a Gear VR headset only an adapter will need to be added if you happen to buy the Samsung Galaxy S10. It is to be noted significantly that on Wednesday’s unpacked event of Samsung Galaxy, any new VR headset wasn’t unveiled by it and the compatibility of the phone will be only with the pre-existing Gear VR model. In order to be able to access a third party app, the capability of letting you remap the dedicated Bixby button is found in the Galaxy S10 separately.

It was confirmed to The Verge about the compatibility of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the latest VR model by a spokesperson of Samsung. In order to use the Galaxy S10 a bundled adapter that comes with the Gear VR will be required. It is dissimilar to the previous occasion when ultimately in order to make Gear VR headset functional for Galaxy Note 9, Samsung had to bring in a new adapter. According to reports, the complete Galaxy series (Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10 5G, Galaxy S10e and the regular Galaxy S10) is compatible with the already existing Gear VR headset.

Galaxy S10 Bixby button
Reference: Android Community

At the Galaxy Unpacked event of Samsung, many new wearables were introduced by it including Galaxy buds and Galaxy Watch Active, majorly the Galaxy S10 family was the highlight of the event but any new Gear VR device wasn’t unveiled. It is expected that the next generation Gear VR model maybe introduced later this year along with a brand new Galaxy Note later this year.

It is mentioned by The Verge in a separate report that an option of remapping the dedicated Bixby button is provided in the Galaxy S10 which allows you open a third party app either by pressing the button twice or single time. It is said that the button will open the Bixby Home feed incase a shortcut to an app is not assigned. It is also said that Bixby voice is activated exclusively on a long press of the physical button.

Similar to how Siri is accessed on the iPhone models of Apple, it was projected originally by Samsung of offering direct access to Bixby, therefore the recent modification in the Bixby button is huge. Since the launching of Galaxy S8 in April 2017, the Bixby button has been available. Multiple hacks are also available for the button to be reprogrammed for the purpose of opening other assistants and apps such as Google assistant and Alexa.

It is ambiguous whether the existing flagships of Galaxy including the Galaxy Note 9 models and the Galaxy S9 will have the ability of remapping the Bixby button enabled or not. But nonetheless, the users of Galaxy S10, with the ability of being able to remap the Bixby button can access the Google Assistant officially with merely the press of a physical button.

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