The Polish studio Baldur Games is working on a debt collector simulator. Repo Man will allow you to make a spectacular career in the debt collection industry. The creators promise, among other things, intriguing and addictive gameplay, a realistic approach to the topic and numerous moral and ethical choices. The premiere of a new game for PC is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020. Repo Man will probably also be released on consoles.

Repo Man is a new project by Baldur Games studios which has previously created a hack’n‘slash type game – Grave Keeper. The publisher will be Ultimate Games S.A.

“This production will allow us to know better the world of a debt collector,i.e. an industry veiled in certain intrigue and sometimes also with a bad name. What is important, Repo Man presents a serious approach to the subject. There are lots of moral and ethical decisions to be made and some situations may be really difficult for players” said Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games S.A.

The game will focus on a single player mode. As Baldur Games explains, Repo Man will enable you to entry the vindication industry, fulfilling various orders and making a dazzling career. The game will offer extensive gameplay that will be based mainly on attempts to seize valuable objects held by debtors. This may require not only proficiency in searching for valuable objects but also, e.g. getting into closed rooms observation of the debtor.

The key to success in the debt collector simulator will be the effectiveness of the actions. As the creator’s stress, great importance will be having friends among officials or additional support during an action. The gameplay will also be enriched by random elements.

According to the statement of Baldur Games studio, the player will have at his disposal one city with very diverse districts (e.g. rich districts with numerous villas and industrial buildings). The premiere of the new simulator for PC (Steam) is scheduled 4Q 2020. Repo Man will most likely also appear on the consoles.

Repo Man Steam listing

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