With big events come big news! The most awaited event for Samsung fans is just around the corner and the impatience for the fans is being hard to contain with leaks and teasers flying around almost every day! What makes the event worth the wait? Oh well firstly it’s the 10th anniversary of Galaxy series and not just the S10 series is being launched but also is the first FOLDABLE phone from the company. The big day is next week and giving air to the hype, for the purpose of reserving the ‘next Galaxy flagship’ before launch, Samsung has introduced a dedicated page. The users who reserve a phone on that page and fully complete the transaction of their order within 72 hours of after the device is launched for sale, will get the benefits worth the huge $600.

The dedicated reservation page has been launched on Samsung’s US official site and personal information is being asked from the users in addition to their preferences of whether they would like to reserve an unlocked version of the device or a carrier locked device. On the exchange of an old device, Samsung is even offering a cashback of up to $550 for the users who reserve. The users have the facility to check on the website that how much cash they are entitled too since there will be a variation in the amount depending on the phone. The new phones such as iPhone XS series, Galaxy Note 9 and Pixel will be provided with the cashback of $550 whereas the older phones are entitled of up to $300. To put a cherry on top, the users reserving a phone will also be given a credit of $50 in order to purchase accessories. These users will get early access to pre-order and will get their phone delivered by 8th March. These are quite a handful of benefits!

A bar pops upon the Samsung website for directing on to the reservation page

The users will need to order from Shop Samsung app or Samsung.com within 72 hours of the phones coming out for sale for availing all the aforementioned benefits. But on failing to complete their order within the allotted time, their eligibility for the benefits will be revoked. The closing time for the reservations is 11:59 pm ET on 20th February. Without giving away much, Samsung mentions that only selective Galaxy versions are up for this offer. Samsung will reveal all the details upon pre-order going live but as we can presume and speculate, there is a possibility that on the allegedly cheapest Samsung Galaxy S10e model, this offer won’t be applicable. Samsung will be unveiling three variants- Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10, on its unpacked event next week. The inferior variant’s nomenclature was confirmed by Samsung itself recently on its French website.

The wait is soon to be over! Keep counting days till 21st February!