Capcom revealed that Resident Evil 2 remake had sold three million copies across all platforms in the first week. Sitting a little bit behind Resident Evil 7 which sold 3.5 million copies worldwide in the first week. However, Capcom said that they believe that RE 2 is going to be a more significant success than RE 7 which had a total of 6 million sales.

Currently, Resident Evil 2 is 13th by players count on Steam and had a 40,000 players peak today. It still hasn’t surpassed Capcom’s another recent hit, Monster Hunter: World which has 50,000 players each day on Steam.

Resident Evil 2 might exceed RE 7’s sales but its tough to say whether it will surpass Monster Hunter: World or not. Nonetheless, its the first week of Resident Evil 2’s release and many people still haven’t gotten their hands on the game.


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