Well, Resident Evil 7 Has now sold more than 7.9 Million Units. In a Sales post by Capcom, the company announced, that all of their titles have made solid sales.

The game was released in January 2017 across PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Right now, it is only behind Monster Hunter: World which has now sold more than 16.1 Million Units. However, In Monster Hunter: World case, the game has additional content and isn’t an individual title.

In the same vein, if we consider Resident Evil 5, which has 7.7 Million Sales. This would be much higher, to around 10 Million, if we were to consider its Gold Edition that was released later. Now if we compare the Resident Evil Games. Resident Evil 7 is on top, after which Resident Evil 5, 6, and 2 take place.

This is an enormous success. We recently heard that the titles have now set a new benchmark of 100 Million Sales. Along with that, the Resident Evil 3 Remake Shipped 2 Million Units, and all that in just five days. Here are the top 10.

1Jan 2018Monster Hunter: WorldPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL16.1
2Jan 2017RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazardPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL7.9
3Mar 2009Resident Evil 5PS3, Xbox 360, DL7.7
4Oct 2012Resident Evil 6PS3, Xbox 360, DL7.6
5Jan 2019Resident Evil 2PS4, Xbox One, PC, DL7.2
6Jun 1992Street Fighter IISNES6.3
7Sep 2019Monster Hunter World: IcebornePS4, Xbox One, PC, DL5.8
8Jan 1998Resident Evil 2PS4.96
9Dec 2010Monster Hunter Freedom 3PSP, DL4.9
10Feb 2016Street Fighter VPS4, PC, DL4.7

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