Recently we heard that Riot games have adjusted a lawsuit to pay $10 million for a violation of many laws. However, this does not stop Riot from going forward. Recently, they announced a new plan in which they are teaming up with Riot Forge, which will allow them to partner with other developers. Afterward, they will create “single-player/story-driven games” set in League of Legends universe.

Now you might be thinking that Riot Games and Riot Forge have similar names. Well, Riot Forge is a publishing label within Riot Games. The main goal for Riot Forge is to make other LoL driven games with the help of experienced studious outside of Riot Games. Additionally, the games will be published by Riot Forge.

According to an official FAQ, they are already working on a new game. Our developers are still early in the process of creating these great games. When they’re a little further along, we’ll announce the games that they are making. Geoff Keighley on Twitter further said that Riot Forge new project will be showed to the Public at Game Awards.

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Apart from this, Riot did not unveil their current partners. It’s too early to announce our amazing partners, but rest assured they’re already hard at work creating the incredible experiences for our players. Part of the reason we haven’t announced them publicly is to minimize any distractions for them. What we can say is that the studios we’re working with are truly fantastic and super talented. We know they are going to make incredible games!

Riot Forge games will have support PC, Console, and Mobile. However, not all games will support these platforms, most of the games will be platform-specific. Riot Forge will happily chat with potential partners, thus if you want to become one, feel free to contact them.