Riot previously agreed on paying $10 million to their female employees, however the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a document on January 8, saying that the female employees could be worth more than that. Furthermore, it also mentioned regarding the future if Riot would change policies, the report described “no enforceable changes to employment policies, at a company alleged to be rife with sexism, are part of the settlement.”


Involvement of the California Department of Fair Employment
After the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing got involved, the plaintiffs were now told, that they could be owned for around $400 million. Riot was not happy with these two departments getting involved, and their spoke person said we “worked hard to negotiate with the lawyer representing the class to reach an agreement that we collectively believe is fair for the class members.” In his eyes, the interference of external agencies is a disruption “filled with inaccuracies and false allegations.”

The previous term has been withdrawn
The previous term was $10 million settlement, which is now withdrawn. Additionally, the department has also accused the plaintiffs, that they were making multiple procedural mistakes in the case, and failing to include non-monetary terms in the agreement. “No enforceable changes to employment policies, at a company alleged to be rife with sexism, are part of the settlement,” it said in January.

Riot says that they will support the rights of the plaintiffs to seek new representation.
“We are aware that Plaintiffs’ new counsel withdrew the pending Motion for Preliminary Approval, which will give them adequate time to review the proposed settlement agreement. We also filed a joint statement with their new counsel noting that we remain committed to working towards a fair resolution for everyone involved,” a spokesperson said.

“With respect to the outlandish numbers posited by the DFEH, we’ll say again that there is no basis in fact or reason that would justify that level of exposure and we believe that any assertions to the contrary can simply not be made in good faith.  While we have acknowledged that there is work that we needed to do to better live up to our values, we have also made clear to our employees that we will defend ourselves against false narratives and unfair claims that do nothing to remedy any hardships of actual class members.”

What’s next for Riot?
Well, Riot was about to settle for 10 million before the housing got involved. There isn’t much Riot can do now, except target the plaintiffs and make accusations. There are huge dozens of people who are looking to get their hands on Riot. It looks like Riot is out of option, and they might settle a bit lower than $400 million.