Despite not being released to everyone around the globe. Valorant is still doing pretty well, as we see many streamers and players who got the drops are enjoying it. However, according to many players the Vanguard anti-cheat system has flaws, and could be improved in beta testing.

The Valorant anti-cheat system runs similar to Faceit’s anti-cheat system. There is a client which runs on your PC while you open Valorant. Another client which is the always-active kernal mode driver, runs all the time when PC boots.

Cash Reward for finding flaws

According to Riot, they will be giving cash rewards to anyone who finds a flaw in their security system. This can enable Riot to find out the problems and sort them out before releasing the game.

“Alongside our new game Valorant, we have deployed our new anti-cheat solution Vanguard that leverages a kernel driver to combat cheaters more effectively,” the HackerOne page says. “To reinforce our commitment to our players’ security, we are offering special bounties for up to $100,000 for high quality reports that demonstrate practical exploits leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver.”

We look forward to this exciting quest for all hackers and developers, who might be able to improve their security system. The Vanguard system is quite exciting, here is an overview of it via PCGamer.

  • Vanguard consists of three components: the client, driver, and platform.
  • The client (user-mode) handles all of the anti-cheat detections while a game is running.
  • The client needs to communicate with the platform to receive detections and in order for a player to be able to play.
  • The client does not consider a machine trusted unless it recognizes the driver; untrusted machines cannot play Valorant.
  • The driver (kernel-mode) is used by the client to validate memory and system state, and to make sure the client has not been tampered with.
  • The driver runs at start-up to prevent loading cheats prior to the client initialization. 
  • The driver can be uninstalled at any time (“Riot Vanguard” in Add/Remove Programs), although Valorant won’t run without it.
  • The driver does not collect or send any information about your computer back to us.
  • The driver has been signed by Riot’s own EV cert, which has in turn been signed by Microsoft as per their code signing process.

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