The League of Legends World Championship Group Stage will begin on Saturday. It is one of the most popular LoL events every year. After the recent mess, Riot does not want issues like that to be created in their event. Riot games has told their players and casters, to avoid discussing “sensitive issues” on Streams.

“We serve fans from many different countries and cultures, and we believe this opportunity comes with a responsibility to keep personal views on sensitive issues (political, religious, or otherwise) separate. These topics are often incredibly nuanced, require deep understanding and a willingness to listen, and cannot be fairly represented in the forum our broadcast provides,” global heead of League of Legends Esports John Needham said. “Therefore, we have reminded our casters and pro players to refrain from discussing any of these topics on air.”
“Our decision also reflects that we have Riot employees and fans in regions where there has been (or there is risk of) political and/or social unrest, including places like Hong Kong. We believe we have a responsibility to do our best to ensure that statements or actions on our official platforms (intended or not) do not escalate potentially sensitive situations.”

Riot statement is issued after Blizzard’s recent trouble. Blizzard banned Professional Hearthstone gamer
“Blitzchung” after he said, “liberate Hong Kong”.
Afterward, Blizzard took actions, which resulted in Blitzchung getting banned and his winnings of $10000 being canceled.

Blizzard also suspended the two casters from casting any further events. Many popular casters like
Brian Kibler and Nathan “ThatsAdmirable” Zamora stepped down from casting the rest of League matches.

Problem grew, after which players deleted their accounts. A Reddit post called out Protest outside Irvine, CA Blizzard Headquarters on Thursday. Today Blizzard President J.Allen Brack talked about the issue and reduced his ban. Furthermore, his winnings were also returned.

Riot Games is entirely owned by Chinese Company Tencent. LoL is very popular in China, and this is why Riot does not want any issues. World Championship has very big brands and names attached to it. Louis Vuitton and Nike are one of the big guns in the event. Any problems like those of Blizzard can cause a lot of issues and problems for Riot.