The Rivalry between Steam and Epic Games continues as we hear from other people. We heard comments from Tim Sweeney how Epic Games differ from Steam and what Epic Games plans on doing. We have comments from Graeme Struthers, who is one of the founders of Devolver. He says competition is good.

Here are his comments from an interview with GameSpot

"Competition is going to come along at some point. Epic have taken a view that their way of bringing content to their platform is far more generous revenue share and obviously they've been pushing exclusives—that's great," he said. You can't compare the two things however as like for like. Steam has invested I don't know how many hundreds of millions of dollars in their platform; Epic have yet to do that. I'm not saying they won't, and hopefully they will. In terms of the features and in terms of the toolsets for developers, there's a ways to go. But competition is good."

Greame Struthers also described the phase when Steam was the first of Publishers during 2003. He defended the criticism against Steam, saying that 70/30 split by Steam at that time was “transformative”. Steam cuts 30% revenue from developers, meanwhile Epic Games cut less than half, around 12%.

Epic Games has taken upper hand recently by getting access to most of the Exclusive games. Epic Games has taken control over exclusive games like Metro Exodus, Division, Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Steam has more games and a lot of options, it is one the oldest and purest of its kind.

Over the argument about cut, Tim Sweeney said: “Epic Games Store is making the industry better but gamers don’t see that”.  Steam has a very incomparable Storefront, meanwhile Epic has access to Exclusive games. Steam had a lot of years to evolve, while Epic Games is being competitor in a very few months time. Additionally, Epic Games is generating millions from Fortnite every day and using that money to give developers insane offers, which they mostly can’t refuse.

Well, Epic Games might argue that they are better, but in my opinion, it is nowhere close to the Steam Client. The Steam Client is easy to access, better and most importantly it has a lot of variety if you consider games only. At the moment, Epic games might not be anywhere close to Steam but in the future, we’ll surely see a lot of competition. Apart from this, the price cut thing will attract a lot of developers to publish their game on the Epic Games store.