Rocket League Mac and Linux :
Previously I wrote about Epic Games ending their support for Rocket League on macOS and Linux Platforms. The main reason behind this decision as Epic Games explained was that they both were not viable for them. Furthermore, Rocket League only multiplayer support was finished, players could still play in split-screen and other modes. Their support ending also meant that if the game went through some terrible buggy phase or anything else, they won’t try to fix it.

Mac & Linux Users will get Refund
Today, we have excellent news, Mac and Linux players will be offered refunds. According to Psyonix, they tried to inform players that they should get in touch with them, so they can get refunds through Valve. Psyonix wanted to refund players through Steam, however, Steam only refunds those players who have played the game only two hours. Thus, they have introduced there a different method to get a Refund.

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“That process did not work as planned, and we’re sorry for the frustration this has caused for anyone involved,” Psyonix said in an update. “At this time, anyone who has played Rocket League on macOS or Linux can contact Valve about a refund for the base game, and the refund should go through.”

  • Go to the Steam Support website
  • Select Purchases
  • Select Rocket League (you may need to select “View complete purchasing history” to see it)
  • Select I would like a refund, then I’d like to request a refund
  • From the Reason dropdown menu, select My issue isn’t listed
  • In notes, write Please refund my Mac/Linux version of Rocket League, Psyonix will be discontinuing support

Why Did Psyonix End their support for Rocket League on Mac & Linux
Lastly, Psyonix has come forward, explaining that the logic behind ending multiplayer was the lack of support. Apparently, Rocket League will be updated to DirectX11 from DirectX9 later this year. Thus, DirectX9 which Mac & Linux Clients acquire will no longer be supported. Additionally, Psyonix says that a percentage of 0.3 percent players play on Mac & Linux, which is very low. Hence, they do not find it viable and finding alternative for them is difficult.

Rocket League support will end for macOS and Linux in March