Publisher of Red Dead Redemption series and Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar North, is now accused of not paying the UK corporation tax despite the sales of Grand Theft Auto V totalling an estimated of US $6 billion.

Furthermore, Tax Watch accused Rockstar North, Scotland-based studio that led the development of GTA V, claimed £70M of tax credits from the game’s revenue over ten years in the new report. The ThinkTank said in the statement; “This report also raises questions as to whether an appropriate amount of profit has been allocated to the UK companies involved in the game’s development. Seven active companies based in the UK using the Take-Two and Rockstar names declared a total profit before tax of £47.3m in the UK between 2013 and 2018. However, over the same period we estimated the operating profit of games published by Rockstar to be in the region of $5 billion.”

Grand Theft Auto V had sold over 110M copies till May 2019, and it is believed to be the most commercially successful game ever in history. Moreover, Rockstar is not the only company accused of avoiding corporation tax in the UK. However, Multinational groups such as Starbucks, Amazon, and Google have also been accused in recent years for registering much of their profits overseas to dodge UK corporation tax.

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