Rocksteady has now given an official announcement regarding its 2018 sexual harassment saga. The long saga has now officially come to end, as the company says it dealt with the issues raised two years ago.

“All formal complaints were thoroughly investigated, addressed appropriately and a number of serious measures were taken in response to the issues that were surfaced, including discipline or termination of staff,” Rocksteady in their statement

Other than this, they also said they are open to all sorts of matters and were ready to address issues that were not raised. According to Rocksteady, they will reach out to all the female employees who left in the past 2 years.

“We want to know if there are issues that have not been raised no through our formal channels, so we can address them. As such, we have engaged the services of an independent third party to confidentially speak with all employees at Rocksteady who wish to do so. We will also be reaching out to every former female employee who left in the past 2 years to ask them to speak to the interviewers.”

The letter is really long, and here is its picture.

Earlier in 2018, there was a sexual misconduct issue within the company. A letter was raised by the female employees, and 10 out of the 16 signed it. The issue was once again brought to the discussion when The Guardian recently reported that the problem still exists. Rocksteady gave an unofficial announcement, and reminded The Guardian, that the issue was sorted in 2018.

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