Nvidia has been very vague about their new and upcoming Graphics Processing Unit (GPUs). All kinds of rumors are roaming around the internet suggesting that Nvidia will roll out their new GPUs around September 2018. However, before Nvidia makes an official announcement of the alleged GTX 1180, the PCB for the next-gen Nvidia GPU has been leaked online.

The PCB for the next-gen Nvidia GPU was leaked by a Reddit user named “DustinBrooks” earlier today, he claims that his friend works for a company which tests PCBs for Nvidia GPUs and he also posted an image of a PCB which he claims; is the PCB for the next generation (most probably GTX 1180) Nvidia GPU.

Image: Reddit


Taking a closer look at the leaked image the key points we can gather are below:

  • Three 8-pin power connectors
  • 12 GB of VRAM(GDDR6)
  • 2nd-gen NVLINK connector
  • 384-bit memory bus interface

Although, the 12GB of VRAM being used for the rumored next-gen Nvidia GPU PCB doesn’t specifically say that it is GDDR6 but, give that GDDR6 has entered mass production it is almost confirmed and at the verge of getting integrated into both AMD and Nvidia upcoming GPUs.

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Source: Reddit