Apple is soon launching iOS 13 and people are curious to know about the updated features that iOS 13 will provide to Apple users. iOS 13 will soon be for the usage upon us and it will bring along with it a plenty of new features for the users. For now, only iOS 13 developer beta is available to try out for the user. Final version of iOS 13 will soon hit the market somewhere in July. Till now we have some features for that you will be exciting to know about iOS 13 so let us get into them.

Swipe the Keyboard

As we all know Android users have been swiping left and right on their keyboard to type, Apple did not yet have added this feature to their devices but now you can trace a word to spell it out directly in iOS 13. This feature is more like talking dictionary. This feature is known as Quick Path Typing.

The Darkness control feature

If you are a user like me then of course you have spent some endless nights in front of your phone. You should also be able to understand the importance of Dark light. Well iOS 13 has something for you considering your problem. Apple finally brings up the feature of night mode for its user. The Dark Mode seems to be available for system-wide but it remains to be seen what the exceptions to the rule will be (if any). 

Camera and Lightening features

In the new iOS 13, you now will be able to remove duplicate photos of you and add more lighting effects to your photos via feature known as Portrait Lighting. That means by this feature you will be able to smooth your skin, change the intensity or even the location of the light source for your photo. 

Other filters have also been added to the filter library such as vignette, vibrancy, auto enhance and noise reduction etc. Another feature in iOS 13 includes the reorganization of photos time wise. For instance, your photos will be organized by year, month and date. If we see something added to video watching, you can now rotate a video. With this you will also be able to apply filters and effects on videos as they were applied to the photos from the filter library. And no doubt this feature will be loved by all of us.

Lost and Found

Apple nicely added the feature in which you would be able to use Find my Phone and Find My Friends into only a single app dubbed simply Find My. This new app featured in iOS 13 will now allow you to not only find your friends but also your devices even when they are offline or lost. Also thanks to the feature of Bluetooth beacon. In case your phone gets stolen, this tool will not allow anyone to reboot your device if iPhone isn’t activated by you.


Privacy feature

A new privacy will help you Sign in with Apple to log into apps and accounts without adding your email. An advancement in biometrics also made iOS 13 great. You can now simply tap to authenticate via Face ID and you would not have to send out any personal information you do not want to anymore. In iOS 13, Apple will also create some random email addresses for you if want, which will be forwarded to your own activated email and this will allow you to keep your identity private and safe.

Better Siri sound?

We should thank to audio update in iOS 13 because Siri also got a bit of a makeover. The voice assistant sounds smoother than ever before, Apple. According to Apple you would not be able to hear any more gaps between the words. Apple added some things in addition to that, the new update also includes the work of Siri much better with AirPods, HomePod, CarPlay and Safari. That also means you can create personalized shortcuts via a Shortcuts app, and can also respond to messages as soon as they arrive. Siri can also read those messages for you, share movies, songs with you and your friends.

Memojis updated?

We hope that you must spoke to Memojis and if you do, how are you even a product of this day and age, right? Apple messages application will now have Memojis profile support.

And you can also be able to control all sort of customized looks.

Maps and 3D features

 In the new and updated iOS 13 you will be able to get new fonts in mail, notes benefits from a gallery view and smart lists will you alow you to tag a person to be notified if you have set up a time to chat. Maps in iOS 13 will also get Apple CarPlay support so that you will be allowed to tag your favourite places with your friends and family. Another look around feature gives you a 3D view of that area.

More Features

I don’t think so we have left with any other main update included in iOS 13. The iOS 13 will also be chock full of new bits and bobs. Among them, we can also count silencing unknown callers, mute thread in mail, time-synched lyrics when music is playing. Apple’s new update also made its biometric system much stronger. According to reports, its face unlock feature will be 30% faster and keyboard of iOS 13 will also include 38 new languages. I don’t think so anyone would expect more from the new iOS 13.

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