A near decade-old game, RuneScape will now be joining Steam. Originally released In 2001 across browsers, RuneScape has had its ups and downs but it seems the game is still up and running. We have seen a lot of browser games like RuneScape who have transformed into proper applications. The recent example is Roblox, which was on browser from 2004.

In a Steam Announcement, RuneScape developers wrote that the Steam version will feature cross-platform. Therefore, you could play with the browser and mobile players. Further, players will be able to continue their progression. RuneScape will have the option to connect Steam Account to RuneScape account, and progress from the official account will continue. In addition to this, achievement, trading cards, badges, and Emoticons are also on their way.

“This is just one small, yet momentous part of a bigger future for RuneScape as we look to continue growing the incredible world we all love for years to come. Over the weeks ahead, we’ll have plenty more to share on Steam, so stick right here on our Community Hub for all the latest. Start the clock, ’cause there’s just 20 days to go till launch! See you there.”

The Steam version for RuneScape will release on October 14, 2020.