Katy Perry and Backpack Kid

Russell Horning best known by his internet nickname Backpack kid is an Instagram sensation. He rose to fame by doing his signature dance “The Floss” on videos. Horning got a little boost by celebrities too because Rihanna shared one of his videos. Katy Perry also played a part in his fame; she invited him to SNL live on her show.

Moving on, Horning’s mother has filed a lawsuit against Fortnite and NBA 2k for stealing her son’s dance. Now, it is weird because Backpack kid said he was okay with Fortnite putting his signature dance in the game on BuzzFeed Multiplayer’s video. He judged how people performed “The Floss”. Russell Horning states “Ever since they put in the game, the dance has gotten bigger and bigger ever since, so it’s pretty cool that they put it in”.

Backpack kid is also in the process of making “The Floss” copyrighted. This month a lot of celebrities have gone ahead to sue Fortnite. 2 Milly sued Fortnite as well for stealing his dance move “Milly Rock”. Furthermore, Alfonso Ribeiro sued Fortnite for stealing his signature move that made him famous called “The Carlton Dance”. Russell Horning’s mother sued Fortnite for unspecified damages.

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