The tremendous advancement and competition in the field of mobile technology keeps the manufacturing companies engaged in further improvements and providing users with more specifications. One of the latest technologies also includes the pop up selfie camera in mobile phones. Vivo introduced this concept in which the camera pops out when you want to take a selfie and it retracts back into the phone when the picture is captured. Similarly Samsung is going to introduce Galaxy A10 with a pop up selfie camera that will give an infinity display screen. Screen will be big with bezels on the top and buttom to create more space for screen on the mobile phone similar to Galaxy s8.Another best feature of this phone is expected to be a triple lens back camera which will give wide angled photos for landscape captures.

This phone will be powered by Snapdragon 710 Soc. The display is almost bezel free with the pop up selfie camera placed in the center and on slightly left with only one sensor. The exact size and resolution of the phone is not confirmed till yet. The fingerprint sensor is expected to be on the lower portion of the display screen that means it will have an internal fingerprint sensor for locking and unlocking .Memory of the phone is expected to be 6GB or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage because this is powered by Snapdragon 710 SoC.Screen display is expected to be 6.3 inches. It will be dual sim phone with all the other features of the previous phone including a long battery time, face detection, Bluetooth, Fm radio and much more. Exact date of the release is not confirmed yet but the report made in November, 2018 suggested the release of this phone with a latest infinity display. The actual phone can differ from the leaks but it assured that this upcoming phone will have a very smart and stylish look with a comparatively bigger screen display and a good camera result.

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