It’s finally here. After months of rumors, leaks, and reports, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has finally leaked. Following up with the disastrous battery failures of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung solved the issue with their Galaxy Note 8 and added some hardware upgrades to it. This year Samsung will once again take it slow with the gadget as it consolidates the Note lineup. Let’s have a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

This year, Samsung’s approach will be more towards internal design and functionality. The Korean giant took a running start in February as they introduced impressive updates with their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. These upgrades included the variable apertured rear camera, that Samsung has used for the first time.

Samsung will also introduce the same feature with their Galaxy Note 9. In order to aid user functionality and internal component shuffle, Samsung will relocate the phablet’s rear fingerprint sensor. Here is the first live image leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.



Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will indeed feature a dual camera setup on the rear along with the fingerprint sensor which is located just under the cameras, that we can see in the picture above. As the front camera, Iris scanner, and other sensors are in similar positions, the device’s arrangement of the sensors on the front seems to be unchanged. The point of concern that puts even more weight on the rumors that Samsung is finally going to upgrade the S-Pen with major features this year. If the company doesn’t, then the Note 9 really will not have any major selling point that would attract users to get an upgrade.

It is expected that the S-Pen will now be able to control the Note 9 remotely along with features such as controlling volume and setting photograph timers. It will also directly aim towards the corporate users as Samsung will include a laser-pointer in the S-Pen. It is rumored that the Note 9 will have a variant having 8GB of RAM along with massive 512GB storage. The battery capacity is expected to be 4,000mAh. It seems like that today’s leaked unit had a bit of a bad luck as its screen is cracked. There are no details provided about the incident though.

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