Samsung’s upcoming flagship series, the Galaxy S10 series, is assumed to be introduced in Q1 2019. Many exposures and news about the series have already been rolling throughout the internet. Recently, a summary by GF Securities brokerage revealed that the evolution of RAM amounts in popular smartphones from this season and the upcoming ones. According to this report, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Model will feature up to 12GB RAM.

Taking a look at a former report from South Korea, Samsung has chosen to add a 5G antenna to the Galaxy S10 series. Addition of 5g support would have cost a lot so Samsung is looking to open the support of 5G to the users who are looking for it. The 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 will be Samsung’s most valuable flagship for the first half of 2019.

Today, a new alleged news is revolving around the internet which exhibits that, GF securities sent a memo to its clients containing a table. The table clearly portrays the RAM evolution in the smartphones released this season or upcoming ones. Moreover, it unveiled the top 5G phones that will feature 12GB RAM in 2019. The Galaxy S10 5G Version and the Huawei P30 Pro are expected to own 12GB RAM in 2019. Let’s have a look at the table.

We still don’t know the specific release date of 5G-enabled Galaxy S10. It will highly rely on the availability of a 5G network on the domestic market. By keeping all facts in mind, the company will determine its release date. Let’s see what comes ahead about this flagship phone.

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