If you are an android user and a Samsung fan, the eagerness of just about any news related to its new model to be released Galaxy S10 must be making you chase the leads, oh hell yeah! It is worth drooling over and sneaking peeks. So do you want to know what the big deal is about? Here you go!

The upgrade in specifications of Samsung Galaxy S10 are relatively extravagant compared to the previous gap between Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, this bump is a huge temptation for those who have been anxiously waiting for a big thing to surface up for upgradation of their Samsung phones.

Moreover, the LEAKED pictures are a feast to eyes giving away the sleek design flaunting a whole screen display and a less bezel at the top but that’s not it! It may also have an embedded ‘hole punch’ front facing camera at the top right corner of the screen.

The chipsets that are expected to drive this beauty are: Snapdragon855 and Exynos9820 in most regions, S10 will prove to be the first phone being launched with the snapdragon855 chipset at least in the US variant. Samsung will adopt an in-screen fingerprint sensor for its new phone.

Here are some HOT LEAKS about Galaxy S10 that rumors have shaped up so far:

Operating System Android 9 pie
Screen Size 6.1 inch
Screen Resolution 1440 x 3040
Chipset Exynos9820/Snapdragon855
Storage 128GB- 1TB
Screen Aspect Ratio 19:9
Front Cameras Dual Cameras
Rear Cameras 12MP, 16MP, 13MP

It is also expected that we get to see the bigger Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and this time around we may have wayyyy more choices! Most likely Galaxy S10 will be joined by Galaxy S10 Plus and also maybe the Galaxy S10 E or S10 Lite, this version of the Samsung phone is meant to compete with iPhone XR. Too much to take all at once eh? Well, after all the Galaxy S10 is the 10th anniversary phone for Samsung’s android series and has been teasing surprises for us in February.

CATCH UP ON THE LAUNCH DATE GUYS!! The launch event is confirmed to take place on Wednesday, on 20th February. Oh no, it is no rumor! As Samsung has revealed the date itself, not only that it has also ‘bestowed’ us with the time and location, the time being 11 am PT (2 pm ET, 7 pm GMT) and the place of unveiling being Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. It will start shipping soon after the release, it is expected to come to stores in March and oh well it sure will be very expensive but the prices known so far are based on rumors, on rumor tells us that Galaxy S10 Lite model will range between $650- $750 where another rumor has risen the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 to around $799. Either way, the most awaited phone will be cherished by all the Samsung fans out there!

So how are you doing now? Drooling much? Just have a little more patience as your wait is soon to be over!