The Samsung Galaxy S9 wasn’t really expected to get a high number of sales volume, but no one could have thought that the figures would be this bleak. The Galaxy S9 is mostly like its predecessor, but there have been some improvements in its performance and it also has one of the best cameras on the market right now, it also features the variable aperture technology.

The Bell is a Korean media outlet who reported on Thursday that there were fewer Galaxy S9 sold in Q2 2018 than the first quarter. Whereas, there is no smartphone in the Galaxy line up that showed such a trend. This could potentially affect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s unveiling in August.

There were 10.2 million Galaxy S9 units shipped by Samsung in the first quarter of the year. As the Galaxy smartphones are usually released at the end of the first quarter, the second quarter gives us a better idea of the sales performance. Even when the new Galaxy smartphones were released in March instead of April, Q2 sales have always been better than Q1 sales.

The Galaxy S9 opposed this trend because there were only nine million units that were sold in the Q2 2018 by Samsung. That means that the total sales volume of the Galaxy S9 for the first half of 2018 is just 19.2 million units. Which is lower than the first half sales of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S8.

Samsung still has the bigger share of the market, but such disappointing results could turn out to be troublesome for the company. In order to get a head start on Apple’s upcoming lineup, Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 9 in August. But just like the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy Note 9 isn’t expected to feature some significant upgrades, which could mean that the Galaxy Note 9 might meet the same fate.

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