A rather perplexing rumor has been spurring on regarding the possible removal of 3.0 mm headphone jacks from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S11. On 10th, an official of the parts industry said, “Samsung is considering removing the earphone jack from Note 10 or S11. The USB C terminal will be left and a separate conversion jack will is provided for 3.5mm earphone users.” Basically, Samsung is following the trails of its peers who rid their phone of this headphone jack already and it was a distinguishing perk that came with Samsung phones only. This just set out upset a lot of consumers as many, if not all, people avidly use headphone jacks in their cars, homes and other places and this feature was a heartening asset by imparting the Samsung the image of a flagship to have everything with no reins on its features. Although it is just a rumor, there is a high possibility for it to come true as other major phone giants have already shed this feature from their phone except for LG. It will certainly pose a significant annoyance because now you have to plug in USB type C headphones to the bottom or plug in an adaptor in case you are using regular headphones which is what Apple and other companies have been doing. This tweak is expected to land in a year or so, so there is an adequate time to ponder over this matter for the enthusiasts^^.


What is the probable motive behind the removal of audio jack?

As a compensation for this change, Samsung is expected to introduce Hyper fast Wireless charging on Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S11. According to a report from ETNews, the reason behind the removal of the earphone jack is the substantial amount of space that can be freed up for the upgrade of battery and installment of other components which will work in favor of a better high-performance flagship. This approach is employed by many other manufacturers like OPPO and Vivo in order stay in the race, on the contrary, there are companies that retained the earphone jack and yet achieved a better battery performance with larger size and in-display fingerprint display readers. There is a fair chance that Samsung will try to adopt this approach as there is a wave of unrest and concern among its customer regarding this rumor. On the contrary, we can not deny that the market for wireless accessories is growing every year and it is expected to hit 100 million units in 2022 from 73.9 million units in 2018. These facts might be compelling for Samsung to ride the wave and gradually remodel their phones into seamless phones with the wireless pairing like Apple phones.

But we can not overlook the new power-up that will be strengthening the arsenal, a faster wireless charging, which will be providing up to 50 Watts of power. At the end of the day, its all about the comfort of the user and, hopefully,  Samsung will not compromise that at any cost.