Samsung has been a sponsor of the Olympic games since 1998 and has a deal in place to sponsor the events to 2028. Every year, Samsung brought an OlympicGames Edition because of its partnership. This year the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is getting the Olympic Edition. As Samsung Unveils Galaxy S10 Plus Olympic Games Edition.

The Prism White version gets the logo of the Tokyo 2020 games on its back. It will also contain the logo of its carrier, Docomo. Moreover, it comes bundled with special Galaxy Buds truly wireless earbuds.

It is important to mention that only 10,000 units of the “Galaxy S10+ Olympic Games Edition” will be made starting in late July. Docomo is the exclusive carrier partner in Japan. Moreover, the cost of this model will be $1000. But here is a catch, it is not yet known if the device will be available outside of Japan or will it be limited to Japan only? Well, one way to find out. Just wait & watch.

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