Earlier this week, Samsung Display unveiled their ‘unbreakable’ OLED panel which features a plastic substrate. The company also claims that the plastic OLED panel was UL-Certified which means that it had managed to cope and survive multiple drops. It’s a proud moment and a major plus for the company because the display didn’t show any sign of damage. Samsung Display uploaded a new video on YouTube just to further assure the industry that their OLED display is tough. The display is being hammered by a rubber mallet in the video.

As the video is in Korean, you can turn on English subtitles for your understanding. The plastic substrate OLED panel is really amazing given that it survived the hammer test. The video also proves how strong the OLED panels are with a plastic window. The plastic window panels will probably become a norm in the near future judging how strong they are.



Even though Samsung is boasting about their plastic window OLED panels, we have to note that they are not the sole provider of the technology. In order to improve the panel’s strength, companies like Motorola and LG also experimented with more or less the same thing. Compared to the glass version, a plastic window panel will have its own drawbacks.

For instance, compared to the glass version, the plastic window OLED panel will be a lot easier to scratch. Other than that, as the durability is increased the performance will directly regress. Samsung’s foldable phones will probably feature the plastic window OLED panels. There are just two things to ensure, performance and quality.

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